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The Baltic states

Baltic Gallery is represented by the countries of the Baltic Sea region: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Russia and Sweden.

Apart from the temporary exhibitions several times a year, there will be place fort he history oft he Baltic Sea region in the Baltic Gallery. History ist he cultural asset and a permanent part oft he artists‘ work of creation. Besides exhibitions, there will also be auctions, lectures and seminars in the Baltic Gallery.

The Gallery’s space will provide the following facilities:

  • Exhibition hall
  • Conference room
  • Space to display the history oft he Baltic Sea region (documents, literature, photos)

It is possible that Baltic Gallery in future will be presented in all the countries oft he Baltic region and reach other continents (Baltic Gallery on the cruise) with ist unique idea. The project is best implemented with a ship that drifts through the Baltic Sea, presenting temporary, changing exhibitions.