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Culture has always been the best means to unite nations and the ground for international understanding. It is expressed through and bound by art. Art speaks one common language, equally undrstandable for all the people, independently of their country of origin and mother tongue.

Baltic Gallery supports ist customers and advises them in the following areas:

  • Mediation in purchase oft he works of art. We cooperate with the broad circle of artist that we're trying to expand on constant basis.
  • We undertake to 'furniture' offices, doctor’s practices and other working spaces with paintings, sculptures, graphics and drawings.
  • On customer’s demand we provide particular pieces of art from particular countries.
  • We organise exhibitions on different occassions and to celebrate special events.
Baltic Gallery is a competent partner and source of information on the art markets both fort he artists and customers. We’re striving to solve any problem in this area and fulfil any sophisticated wish of our customers. We’re characterised by openness, mobility and creativity in all subjects connected with art. We combine experience oft he modern marketing with knowledge of the art theory and art critic. Therefore ist he Baltic Gallery a competent partner for cultural cooperation.