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The Exhibitions

We have been operating on the art market for over 30 years now. In 1990, in Warsaw, we founded the ‚Marchand‘ art agency. It was the first independent art agency after the changes in Poland. Its aim was, among others, to support the young and gifted Polish artists beyond Polish borders . In those times we were able to organise a lot of exhibitions, especially in Germany. Moreover, we started to provide works of art to new companies that were set up in Poland or opened their subsidiaries in this country.

As art agency and gallery we can boast multiple achievements. Among others we've introduced Polish fasion designers to the 'ModaBerlin' fashion show. Collections of 'our' artists have overshadowed some other and then well-known brand shows. In the Radisson SA hotel in Szczecin, there‚has still been the biggest and most willingly visited exhibition in the region. With the Polish Art Institute we have organised the auction ‚Polish artists fort he children of Silesia‘. Additionally there have been numerous individual and group exhibitions in galleries, offices and in private homes.