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The Idea

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The Baltic Sea lies in the middle of new Europe – the sea which on the one hand separates people, but on the other hand creates the spirit of community. The Baltic Gallery will present and represent this new Europe. It’s supposed to be a meeting place as well as space for creation and cultural exchange. As it has no permanent location, it will be independent in ist operations.
In the first place we will activate the Baltic region by holding exhibitions on ships. Baltic Gallery acts as a platform fort the artists of the Baltic region, on which they can present their works of art. It offers a multitude of temporary exhibitions annualy. The exhibitions are often accompanied by Vernissage and Finissage celebrations.
At the moment, the Baltic Gallery is more than just a 'drifting gallery‘. Its aim ist o create a European cultural-political centre in the region of the Baltic Sea.
Art and History, Land and Sea, People and everyday life – this is all intertwined together in one place, it gives the mementum and builds bridges. The Baltic Gallery is a chance to create such a place!